The clitoral hood is the fold of skin around the clitoris. It is comparable to the foreskin for men. The clitoral hood reduction is an aesthetic procedure, it is usually performed in combination with other genital cosmetic procedures such as labiaplasty. Clitoral hood reduction is limited to the removal of excess skin covering the clitoris. This operation does not involve any surgery on the clitoris itself, but only on the skin covering the area.

When is clitoral hood reduction performed?

This procedure is done mainly in combination with labiaplasty when there is excess skin over clitoris to improve cosmetic result. It is unlikely to have any functional effect. Occasionally patients may have improved clitoral sensation, but this is not a common outcome and should not be aimed for. Very rarely women request the procedure because of frequent infections and unpleasant smell because of excess skin in this area, which will be corrected with this surgery.

How is clitoral hood reduction performed?

It is usually performed in combination with labiaplasty with one of the two techniques depending on patients’ anatomy. Skin will be removed either parallel to the clitoris (on the sides) or on the top (half moon like a cut).
This procedure is generally performed under anaesthetic and rarely under local anaesthetic.

Where is the procedure performed?

Dr Novikova performs clitoral hood reduction in the operating theatre

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure may take about 30 minutes on its’ own, but it is usually part of labiaplasty.
Patients can go home once they recover from anaesthetic

What are the potential complications?

As any surgical procedure, this operation carries anaesthetic risks as well as surgical risks. The chance of complication is small and it includes infection, bleeding, scarring and decreased sensation. For this reason, as with all gynaecological procedures we recommend, it is carried out by a fully qualified gynaecologist.

What is postoperative care?

Postoperative care is similar to labiaplasty. Avoid sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks. Keep the area of surgery clean by washing with water in a shower. Dr Novikova prescribes antibiotics and antibacterial ointment to prevent infection and advises her patients to avoid heavy physical exercises, bathing, public pools and saunas for 4 weeks.

What operations are carried out on the clitoris itself?

In some separate cases, the following operations are carried out: clitoropexy to retract or suspend the clitoris, clitoral reduction to reduce the size, which is done in cases of various congenital diseases associated with a large clitoris, clitoral lysis of adhesions resulting from lichen sclerosus (white patchy skin).

What is Dr Novikova’s experience in performing the procedure?

Dr Novikova has performed many Clitoral Hood Reductions and is skilled in all aspects of gynaecological surgery. She is a highly experienced and qualified gynaecologist and has been trained and certified by the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology.


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